Clear Creek Fly Fishing Report

Clear Creek Fly Fishing Report

Fly Fishing Reports South Platte River

  • 4.13.2013 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Section -Upstream from first tunnel on hwy 6
  • Rating: 4/5 Stars
  • Author – Ben Cooper

Colorado Fly Fishing Report

Clear Creek Fly Fishing Reports – Upstream from First Tunnel on Hwy 6

We fished up and down stream of the first tunnel in the canyon outside Golden.  Took a few changes to dial in below surface but hook ups started with a 16 prince. At about 5:00 the BWOs were zipping around and I put on an 18 extended body para BWO and it got pounded!

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Fish Counter

  • Fish Species: Trout
  • Fish Caught: 8
  • Fish Hooked: 10
  • Average Fish Size: 7” – 12”
  • Largest Fish: 12”

Successful Flies

  • Stonefly Nymph: #16 Prince Nymph
  • Mayfly Dry: #18 Extended Body Parachute BWO

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