Fly Fishing Report – Arkansas River

Fly Fishing Report – Arkansas River

Fly Fishing Reports

  • 3.01.2013 – 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Section – Pueblo Section
  • Rating: 4/5 Stars
  • Author – The Catch and The Hatch

Colorado Fly Fishing Report

Arkansas River – Pueblo Section

Rainbow Trout Arkansas River Pueblo

The fishing on the Pueblo section of the Arkansas River last friday was great. Though there must have been 50 other fishermen on the river (geesh get a job ;) ) I was right there with them!

Fishing was product in the holes and runs. On the runs, find the slow water with any cover and put your drift right next to the cover to find the fish. Risers were present in the slow water sections and we fooled by small midges, soft presentations landed no more than 12 inches in front of them. The long drift didn’t work for us with dry fly fishing.

The Bigger fish were caught on nymphs, and the smaller 7-12 inch fish were on dries. There were larger fish rising, we just didn’t catch them :(.

Fish Counter

  • # of Fishermen: 2
  • Fish Caught: 12
  • Fish Hooked: 18
  • Average Fish Size: 13”-16”
  • Largest Fish: 16” Rainbow Trout

Successful Flies

  • #24 Black CDC Midge Dry
  • #14 Pink San Juan Worm
  • #22 Red UV Sparkle Midge
  • #18 Blue Poison Tongue Midge

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If you were one of the other 48 anglers on the Arkansas, why don’t you use our trip log and tell us how you did. If you fished somewhere else in Colorado this weekend, we’d love to hear about it. If you log a fly fishing report, we’ll enter you to win free flies!

Fly Fishing Arkansas River Pueblo

Fly Fishing Video for Arkansas River Below Pueblo

Here’s a quick video of what it is like to fly fish the Arkansas in Pueblo.