Simple Scud Recipe

Simple Scud Recipe

Simple Scud Fly Patterns

  • Species: Scud Patterns
  • Stage: Live Scuds
  • Difficulty: Medium

How to Tie a Simple Scud

This is a Great Pattern for Lakes, Tailwaters and Most Other Rivers You Would Fish. Scuds Are Typically Olive or Gray When Alive and As They Die, They Turn Pink and Blue and Orange. You Will Find That Most Fly Patterns Have a Specific Use to Them and Scud Patterns are No Different. Fish the Alive Colors at the Top of Tailwaters and the Further You Work Downstream, The More You Should Change the Colors.

This Scud Fly Pattern is the Standard Simple Scud and is Brought to You Buy Tightlines Productions.

Simple Scud Fly Tying Recipe

To Tie It Yourself, Use These Materials.

  • Hook Type: Dai Riki #125
  • Hook Size: #8-#24
  • Thread Type: UTC 70 Denier Thread
  • Thread Color: Olive, Gray, Orange, Red, Pink, etc.
  • Wiring: Small Gold, Copper, or Silver Wiring
  • Skin: Wapsi Thin Skin or Similar Brand
  • Dubbing: Antron Dubbing in Desired Color