WD-40 Fly Pattern Recipe

WD-40 Fly Pattern Recipe


  • Species: Midge Patterns
  • Stage: Emerger Flies
  • Difficulty: Easy

How to Tie a WD-40 Fly Pattern

Here is a Great Pattern That Imitates Both a Midge and a Baetis. This is Another Excellent Pattern For Late Winter or Early Spring Fly Fishing in Colorado. You Can Fish it as an Emerger as Well if You Skate it Along the End of a Run Right Before the Riffle Starts, Where A Lot of Trout Feed on Emerger Patterns. It Requires Few Materials to Tie Which Makes it an Easy and Cheap Pattern That Will Catch A Lot of Fish.

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WD-40 Fly Pattern Recipe

Here are the Materials You Need to Tie the WD-40:

  • Hook Type: Tiemco 2457 or Dai Riki #125
  • Hook Size: #14-#26
  • Thread Type: UTC 70 Denier Thread
  • Thread Color: Any
  • Tailing Fibers: Wood Duck or Similar Hackle
  • Dubbing: Ultra Fine Dry Fly Dubbing in Matching Color
  • Effectiveness: 7/10
  • Difficulty to Tie: 3/10 – Easy
  • Average Cost Per Fly – .40 to .60 Per 25
Beadhead WD-40

Beadhead WD-40


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  • Stage: Nymph/Emerger
  • Imitation: Midge
  • Sizes: #12 – #22

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Beadhead WD-40 for Sale

The Beadhead WD-40 is a favorite fly of mine and works well all rivers and lakes.  The wood duck (it’s what wd stands for in WD-40) tail is the key part to this fly that helps it out perform other midge and mayfly nymph and emerger patterns.  The tail is meant to imitate a shuck of an emerging insect and that is something fish key in on when looking to eat an easy meal.  When emerging insects leave the shuck, they are temporarily helpless.  This pattern imitates that helpless little midge or mayfly perfectly.

This is a great fly for anyone looking to fish midge and mayfly nymphs on tailwaters or freestone rivers.

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#12, #14, #16, #18, #20, #22, #14 (4), #16 (4), #18 (4), #16 (4), #18 (4), #20 (4), #18 (4), #20 (4), #22 (4)


Black, Chartreuse, Olive, Red, Tan


Standard Brass, Tungsten