Green Caddis Larva Recipe

Green Caddis Larva Recipe

Green Caddis Larva Pattern

  • Species: Caddis Patterns
  • Stage: Nymph Flies
  • Difficulty: Easy

How to Tie a Green Caddis Larva Fly Pattern

This green caddis fly pattern is a great spring fly pattern. As the caddis start to move around in the river these guys get dislodged and float down the stream. Try varying the colors and even reversing the colors and giving them a green head only to simulate a cased caddis as well.

There are two main kinds of caddis nymphs in the water – cased caddis and free-living caddis.  This green caddis fly pattern imitates a free-living caddis when tied as shown below. However, if you reverse the colors as mentioned above this green caddis fly pattern can simulate a cased caddis as well.

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Fly Pattern Video – Green Caddis Larva

Fly Tying Recipe – Green Caddis Larva

  • Hook Type: Tiemco 2457 or Dai Riki #125
  • Hook Size: #12-#20
  • Thread Type: 6/0 Thread or 70 Denier
  • Thread Color: Olive, Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, or Any Desired
  • Lead Wire: .15 or .20 Diameter Lead Wire
  • Wire: Medium to Small Wire
  • Dubbing: Antron Dubbing to Match Desired Look – Any Color
  • Effectiveness: 7/10
  • Difficulty to Tie: 4/10 – Easy
  • Average Cost Per Fly – .30 to .50