Foam Beetle Recipe

Foam Beetle Recipe

Foam Beetle Fly Pattern

  • Species: Terrestrial Patterns
  • Stage: Beetle Patterns
  • Difficulty: Easy

How to Tie the Foam Beetle Fly Pattern

Beetles are overlooked in terrestrial fly fishing season in Colorado.  Everyones all about the hoppers.  In fact, Beetles are often times more prevalent and are on the water more than hoppers.  Beetles are clumsy and fall in the water easily, so a good fly tying pattern for these insects is a great idea to have in your fly box.  Check out this standard foam beetle fly tying pattern.

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Foam Beetle Fly Tying Recipe

  • Hook: Tiemco 100
  • Thread: Black UTC 70 Denier
  • Body: Peacock Herl
  • Casing: Black 2mm Foam
  • Parachute Indicator: 2mm Foam