Goddard Caddis Recipe

Goddard Caddis Recipe


  • Species: Caddis Patterns
  • Stage: Dry Fly Patterns
  • Difficulty: Hard

Goddard Caddis Fly Recipe

The Goddard Caddis is a classic caddis dry fly pattern that has had great success on Colorado rivers for years.  There are a lot of goodness in this fly.  It’s a elk hair spun pattern which creates a lot of floatability and is easy to fish.  You can skate it on the water and do well or fish it as you would a traditional fly.

This pattern can be tied in a variety of sizes varying from #10 – 20.

Check out the Goddard Caddis Fly Tying video is brought to you by Tightlines Productions.

Goddard Caddis Fly Tying Recipe

  • Hook: Dai Riki #305 or Tiemco 100
  • Hook Size: #10 – 20
  • Thread: UTC 70
  • Body: Elk Hair
  • Head: Hen Hackle Feathers