Jujubee Midge Recipe

Jujubee Midge Recipe

Jujubee Midge Fly Pattern

  • Species: Midge Patterns
  • Stage: Nymph Flies
  • Difficulty: Medium

JuJubee Midge Pattern – Fly Tying

The Jujubee Midge is one of the most realistic fly tying patterns. The segmented body is the key to this successful fly pattern.  Commonly this is tied as a red midge pattern, and I would say this is one of my top red midge patterns for Colorado.  It doesn’t have to be tied in red however, and a variety of colors such as blue, olive, black, grey and more will work extremely well also.  Red midge patterns do very well in Colorado though and you should definitely tie up a few to have in your box.

This red jujubee midge pattern video is brought to you by In The Riffle.

Fly Tying Recipe

  • Hook: Tiemco 2488
  • Hook Size: #18 – 22
  • Thread: Black UTC 70
  • Body: White UTC 70
  • Body 2: 1 Strand Black and 2 Strands Red Superhair
  • Casing: Fluorofiber
  • Legs: Fluorofiber