Madam X Recipe

Madam X Recipe


  • Species: Terrestrial Patterns
  • Stage: Hopper
  • Difficulty: Medium

Fly Tying

The Madam X is an excellent all-purpose fly pattern.  It can imitate hoppers, stoneflies and even spiders when tied in the right colors and this fly tying pattern really seems to get the fish’s attention.  Simple in design, but deadly in execution.  This fly tying pattern can catch a lot of fish in a day and can also be a great indicator fly when nymphing a 1 or 2 fly set up underneath a dry.

This fly tying video was brought to us by In The Riffle.

Fly Tying Recipe

  • Hook: Tiemco 5212
  • Hook Size: #8 – 14
  • Thread: Hopper Yellow UTC 140
  • Tail: Natural Deer Hair
  • Body: Hopper Yellow UTC 140
  • Wing: Natural Deer Hair
  • Head: Natural Deer Hair
  • Legs: White Medium Round Rubber Legs