Midge Patterns

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We’ve put together a list of top midge patterns, pictures, midge pattern videos, recipe lists and more to help you learn to tie all the key midge patterns you’ll need to catch fish on the water.

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Midge Patterns – Proven Midge Tying Recipes

  • Order: Diptera
  • Common Fly Fishing Name: Midge Patterns
  • Stages Imitated:Larva, Pupa/Emerger, Dry/Adult

We provide key fly tying recipes for fly fishermen. We include the following on every midge pattern we post:

  • Finished Photo
  • Key Information About the Fly Recipe
  • Fly Tying Video
  • Recipe List with Links to Purchase Materials
  • Recommended Rivers to Fish This Pattern (Colorado Only at this time)

Midge patterns are an essential part to any fly fishermen’s box.  Nearly every river in the world has midges present year round and fish are almost always willing to eat a correctly presented midge.  At times, fish will give up their pursuits for these small bugs and focus on something larger, but it is always a good guess to start the day off with midges until you see something else going on in the river.

Typically small, midge patterns rarely get tied below a size #16 and are tied all the way to the top ranges of the fly tying world in sizes #26 and #28.  Midge patterns are super effective in the winter to late spring, and pick up again well in the fall.  Summer produces fish, but most of the time the fish are interested in eating something larger because it’s active in the river during the summer months.

We’ve put together a list of top midge patterns to tie up.  These are all proven patterns that work anywhere in the world and are great patterns to have in your arsenal.  Midge patterns are typically easy to tie and are great for the beginner fly tyer to practice and learn key skills while tying a pattern that will actually catch fish.

Midge Patterns by Stage

It can be hard to find the right midge pattern to use. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible by creating groups of fly patterns by stage. Click on a button below to find the midge pattern that fits the stage you want to tie.

Midge Nymph Patterns

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Midge Emerger Patterns

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