Purple Haze

Purple Haze

how to tie the purple haze fly pattern

  • Species: Mayfly Pattern
  • Stage: Dry Fly
  • Difficulty: Medium

How to Tie the Purple Haze Fly Pattern

The Purple Haze is essentially a purple parachute adams, hoever a few differences exist.  The parachute is tied further back to balance the fly better, and the body is tied with a flex thread.  However you don’t need to do any of these to likely get the results.  The color purple isn’t exactly natural in the world for insects, however the look of the fly works really well on the water and likely looks a lot like a bugs natural color in a unique way.

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Check out how to tie the Purple Haze Fly Pattern and enjoy the video brought to us by Tightlines Production.

Purple Haze Fly Pattern Tying Recipe

  • Hook: #12 – 24 Tiemco #100 – Standard Dry Fly Hook
  • Tail: Speckled Moose Body Hair
  • Body: Purple 70 Denier Thread
  • Post: White Calf Hair
  • Hackle: Whiting Farms Grizzly Hackle and Brown Hackle