Smokejumper Midge Recipe

Smokejumper Midge Recipe

smokejumper midge fly pattern

  • Species: Midge Patterns
  • Stage: Emerger Patterns
  • Difficulty: Easy

How to Tie a Smokejumper Midge

The Smokejumper midge is an excellent fly pattern that can fool even the more selective trout.  It is tied with CDC which is an excellent material that stays dry without any floatant.  The CDC parachute on top of this midge pattern keeps the fly near the top or on top of the water column which helps the fly appear to be in the emergence phase.  The trout love eating emergers and a natural material like CDC creates a very nice presentation.  Try a few of these patterns on selective tailwaters and see the results for yourself.

Smokejumper Fly Tying Recipe

  • Hook Type: Tiemco 2457 or 2487
  • Hook Size: #16-26
  • Thread Type: 8/0 Uni Thread or 70 Denier
  • Thread Color: Any – Black Standard
  • Wire: Extra Small Any Color
  • Dubbing: Ultra Fine – Match to Thread

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  • Stage: Dry Fly
  • Imitation: Midge
  • Sizes: #12- #22

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Smokejumper for Sale

The Smokejumper is one of those secret flies guides have been using for years to catch their clients big fish.  Big trout will often feed on small dry flies right next to the bank and a well placed cast and drift with the Smokejumper fly is the recipe for success and a fish of a lifetime.  It’s often difficult to imitate midges and other small insects as adults, but the smokejumper is a perfect pattern to do just that.  It catches fish on all kinds of rivers and is that secret fly you’ll hide from your friends as long as you can just so you can outfish them every time you go out on the river.

This proven pattern is available by the dozen or in our sampler pack sizes which contains a dozen flies divided into equal groups for 3 sizes. It’s an excellent option for those looking to have variety in their fly patterns and the flexibility to fish lots of rivers.

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