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  • Entomology Course – $49 (75% Off)
    Coupon Code: BFD-COURSE

    Top Trout Flies Course – $49 (50% Off)
    Coupon Code: BFD-TTF-COURSE

    Craft Your Fly Box Course – $49 (50% Off)
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    All 3 Courses – $99 (75% Off)
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    River Explorer Pro Forever – $3/month (paid annual)
    Coupon Code: BFD-RE

    Fly Explorer – $2/month (paid annual)
    Coupon Code: BFD-FE

    Flies by the Dozen – $0.99/Fly | 30% Off Under $200
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    Flies by the Dozen – $0.75/Fly | 50% Off Over $200
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    Fly Assortments – 50% Off Any Assortment
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    Catch n’ Hatch Fly Box – $9.98 Each – 50% Off
    Coupon Code: BFD-BOX

    Balance Fly Leaders – $2.50 Each – 50% Off
    Coupon Code: BFD-LEADER


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