Enjoy the solitude and wild trout found in the West fork of the Cimarron.  It’s wooded, and difficult to access once on the river, but it can yield some surprising large fish for a creek no wider than 15ft across at most.  Wild, native cutthroat call this river home along with rainbows, cutbows and brook trout.  It’s a surprising fishery from my experience and a unique adventure.  There is some dispersed camping around both down by Silver Jack Reservoir and up on Owl Creek Pass.  Dry dropper or double dries are a great option here if you have decent casting skills.  If you’re getting hung up often, however, I’d recommend a single, high floating dry that can get up tight against the bank or under the brush where the trout are waiting for their next meal.  If you land it where they are holding, and you don’t spook them in the process, you’ll likely get a take and be rewarded with playing an eager, wild trout in remote Colorado mountains.

Please practice catch and release here as it is a wild fishery and this kind of fishery is getting more and more rare across the U.S.  Barbless hooks and a landing net make a huge difference in the survival of these trout.  Let them go so they can survive for future generations and enjoy the wonderful fishery as it is today.