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Lesson 1

Learn the Importance of Fly Selection

It’s important to know why you need to learn something in the first place or you won’t have the proper motivation to complete the series and become a better angler. Our first lesson explains how fly selection is one of the three pillars of fly fishing success and it’s importance for every fly fisherman.

Lesson 2

Learn the Framework around mastering fly selection

All the best anglers approach fly fishing systematically and fly selection is no different. We provide a framework to teach you how to approach fly selection, making it easier for you to choose the right fly every time.

Lesson 3

Learn Step 1 – Knowing Your Bugs

We provide a complete list of insects you need to know including their common sizes and colors and seasonality to help you memorize your bugs, have the right flies in your fly box for any season and understand the fundamentals of fly fishing entomology

Lesson 4

Step 2 – Putting Together a Perfect Fly Box

If you don’t have the right fly on the water, you’re knowledge is useless. Learn about the four kinds of fishing flies and how to match insects found on the water to flies in your box and how to assemble the box so you are prepared before you get on the water.

Lesson 5

Step 3 – Becoming a Master Observer

You can learn your insects, come prepared to the river, but if you can’t put it together by learning what to observe on the water on any given day, you will struggle to find success.  Learn the steps it takes to become a master observer so you can catch more fish with better fly selection.

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