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At The Catch and The Hatch, we’re passionate about helping you become a better angler. We want to see you learn more so you can get a greater level of enjoyment from your time on the water and catch more fish. We’ve spent countless hours putting together the content below to help you hone your craft and become a master angler. Check out the free content guides below and start your journey to become a better angler.

The Most Important Fly Fishing Guide You’ll Ever Read

Learn the Fly Fishing Framework
That Will Make You a More Successful Angler

We highlight this guide as the most important because with a good framework on how to approach fly fishing, you can greatly increase your success. Reading this article first, before all of our others is highly recommended.

Fly Fishing Entomology Guides

Learn Your Bugs | Catch More Fish

Basic Fly Fishing Entomology
Ultimate Bug Guide
SNEAK PEAK - Mayfly Lesson

Fly Selection Guides

Choose the Right Fly Faster | Catch More Fish

3 Steps to Fly Selection Mastery
Improve Nymph Fly Selection
The 4 Kinds of Fishing Flies
A Guide to Tying Better Flies
Getting Value From Your Fly Tying
Key Tying Techniques
4 Reasons to Know Your Bugs
Become a Master Observer
Why I Almost Quit Fly Fishing
How to Organize Your Fly Box
Midge Patterns That Work
Essential Fly Selection Tips
Spring Bug Guide
Summer Bug Guide
Fall Bug Guide
Winter Bug Guides
SNEAK PEAK - Entomology Course

Location Guides

Choose the Right Water | Catch More Fish

3 Top Public Fisheries
Mastering Stream Flows
Bear Creek Guide
colorados best kept fly fishing secrets
Colorado River Quiz

Fly Fishing Guides

Master Your Craft | Catch More Fish

Fly Fishing vs Spin Fishing
Proper Catch
Fly Fishing Grass Carp

Presentation Guides

Master Your Cast & Drift | Catch More Fish

Streamer Fishing Tips
Secret Guide Tips
Tailwater Tricks
When Trout Refuse Your Dry
3 Ways to Catch More Fish
Hone Your Nymphing Skills
Guide to Nymphing
Better Summer Fishing
Winter Dry Fly Tips
4 Reasons to Ditch the Indicator