Lee Creek is one of those spots to fish if you’re driving on 133 on your way to a different river.  There isn’t much public access, but there is a little to be had and you can spend an hour or two fishing to some pretty cutthroat.  The fish are easy enough to catch if you throw an insect that matches the hatch for the day.  The flows can get low and 5x and 6x is recommended as the fish aren’t large, but are spooky in this meandering small stream.  A dry dropper is probably your best option on this creek and smaller bugs above a size 14 will often prevail over larger patterns.

You can fish this river from mid to late spring into mid fall.  Though the creek experiences run off, due to it’s elevation and that you are fishing the headwaters of the stream, you can often fish it by late may without any issues.  As runoff is at it’s peak on larger rivers, it’s usually done up here and can be a place to check out if other rivers are proving difficult.  You can fish the crystal headed into the roaring fork valley, or head down and hit a variety of rivers including the north fork of the gunny and anthracite creek.

CAUTION: Protected Trout

A special note of catch and release is on this river as these cutthroats are protected.  Please handle them with wet hands and use a landing net with rubber netting.  It’s easier on the fish and cutties are notoriously fragile.  Just cause it swims off does not mean it survives.  Take special care to fish barbless hooks and to handle fish with care.