Miners creek was a neat find along the Rio Grande Valley and became one of my favorite and most challenging small streams I’ve found in Colorado.  Most of the small streams you fish that don’t have a lot of pressure or access become easy to fish in return with eager trout on every other cast and loads of them.  This didn’t seem to be the case with Miners creek.  The trout were weary and took several casts and a good presentation to fool successfully.  This is’t easy with the dozens of trees, overhanging willows and technical currents they all created.  This made every 10” brown or rainbow you caught very rewarding and enjoyable.

There are two sections to fish but we rolled them into one for now.  The first is above rat creek confluence to miners creek trailhead.  There are several pull offs and easy parking and access to the river.  Once on the river it’s tough with all the foliage and hard to traverse.  It’s slow going and only a few hundred yards can be fished in an hour usually.

The other section is above the trailhead to the headwaters where you hike in.  This at least yields a trail along the river so getting on and off the trail is helpful in traversing and covering water.  This is the majority of the river to fish and covers miles of pure public waters.  The best fishing is up here, but harder to access due to the hike.  Up to you based on your time and desire for solitude.

Standard dry dropper rigs are all you really need here, with a few small streamers in some spots where a dry is tough to get.  Other than that, you’ll just need to brush up on your specialty casts, bow and arrow casting and side arm casts and double unders etc. Be prepared to lose a few flies to the trees and river banks and deadfalls in the river.

For the beginner, I’d recommend a different river.  For the angler looking to test his skills in some solitude and chase some pretty trout, this is a sweet spot.  There are easier rivers nearby, but this one is a fun challenge.  Check it out, it isn’t a far drive up Miners Creek road, and decide if it’s right for you.