The headwaters of pass creek hold a bunch of brook trout and are a lot of fun to catch as you’re often the only person on the river.  Miles of fishable streams are up here and none of the fish are big, but the solitude is plentiful.  It’s one of the many nearby places to catch dozens of small brook trout during the day and a fun place for beginners or those looking for scenery or solitude.

Willow creek of the Colorado, which pass creek flows into, is a small creek that flows down from Willow creek pass into Willow creek reservoir and into the upper Colorado near Windy Gap Reservoir.  This is a fun little creek that doesn’t have a lot of fish, but does hold a lot of variety.  Brook trout, brown trout and rainbow exist in this river and they are not too difficult to catch, but they are fewer and farther in between then you’d expect in this river.  Insect life struggles on this creek but it fishes well and is a great place to beat the crowds.  Just go up hwy 125 from hwy 40 past Granby and when you find public access you can pull off and fish.  There are many feeder creeks like Buffalo and pass creeks that hold brookies that are also fun.  Lots of moose up here too so keep an eye especially in spring and fall when they are more dangerous.  Keep dogs close for their safety.