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  • Enter a specific city, address, or use the geo-locate button on the right for it to find your location and provide the rivers near you within a radius of the miles set below.

  • Select from three fish size ranges (inches) to choose the size of fish you want to chase.

    • Small – Likely catch is less than 14 inches
    • Medium – Likely catch is 12 – 18 inches
    • Large – Likely catch is 16 + inches
    • Few – You’ll have to work to find and catch fish
    • Some – With proper technique, you’ll find a good amount of fish
    • Many – There are a ton of fish in nearly every spot of the river
    • Low – There are few to no people when you fish.  Weekends you’ll only see a few people at most with plenty of room to fish.
    • Medium – There are a few people and you still have room to fish, but you won’t find complete solitude.  On weekends you’ll have some company, but won’t feel crowded.
    • High – There are people fishing here every day and even at night sometimes.  During the weekends, it’s a social setting as much as it is a fishing location.
    • Freestone – Unimpeded waters from snowpack with a crystaline rock stream bed (normal river rocks)
    • Tailwater – The water below a reservoir dam
    • Small – You can usually cast across the river without wading
    • Medium – You can cast across most spots if you wade
    • Large – You are unable to cast across the entire river in most places
    • No – Dogs are not allowed 
    • Yes but Leashed – For the dogs safety or due to crowds, it’s best to leash or voice command control your dog
    • Yes – Dogs can roam freely under voice control
    • Easy – You can park and fish without much effort to the water.
    • Medium – You have to walk or hike a bit to the river for less than 20 minutes and the trail is easy
    • Hard – Hope you brought a machete.  The access on these spots are difficult and require significant effort to access due to elevation or vegetation
  • This filter will show you places that have the selected fish species.  The size filter above does not correlate to each individual species.  

    Ex. there may be 20+ inch bows and browns in the river, but only 12” brook trout.  See the river details to access more info.

    • Easy – Anyone can catch fish on this river with a fly in the water
    • Medium – An intermediate angler can expect a successful day
    • Hard – A good learning opportunity for most, only the experts will thrive
  • these techniques will catch you the most fish based on the water conditions and fishable seasons. 

    • Dries – Best fish with dry flies
    • Dries & Nymphs – Dries, Nymphs and Dry/Dropper Rigs
    • Nymphs – Mainly a nymph fishery
    • Streamers – These fish like meat!

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