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How to Use This Knowledge to Catch More Fish

We’ve gone through a lot of details and content in this top trout flies course. We’ve covered 10 of the top producing trout flies, the secrets of their success, the seasonality, sizes and colors to use, the entomology and modifications you can make to make these 10 patterns imitate nearly every bug you would encounter on the river and provided some great photos and tips on variations and modifications for you to tie and buy. Now we’re going to help bring it all together by helping you understand completely how all this info is going to help you catch more fish:

These Presentation Tips Work for Everything

We gave specific presentation tips for each fly and while those are great tips for each fly, nearly all of the presentation tips can be used for any similar fly. Dry fly tips are dry fly tips and the tips for a parachute adams are the same for a smokejumper. Make sure to brush up on those tips and pick one or two and practice them next time you’re out, it can make a huge difference.

The Entomology Information is Gold

If you look over the entomology sections in this course, you’re going to learn a few very important overall lessons. The first is a pattern imitates a fly when the color, size and profile matches the insect. All you have to do is be creative enough to bring it together, or find it already made in a fly shop. Most of these top patterns (which is why they are top patterns) require very few modifications beyond size and color changes to imitate the wide variety of insects you have to remember on the river. Spend some time memorizing the categories and species of insects covered in the course and if you’re interested in learning more about entomology for fly fishing, we have an entire course written on that very thing and you can check it out here.

Memorize the Charts

The seasonality, sizes and colors in the graphs are a great summary on when to use each of the top flies as well as know what sizes and colors to bring with you for each season. If you’re going to build a box with nothing but these top 10 flies, I recommend building 4 boxes, 1 for each season. Then as seasons overlap, you’ll have 2 boxes with you, but usually just 1 with all the correct seasonal flies. Good preparation is the first key in mastering fly selection. Then knowledge of how and when to use which fly on the river is where strong entomology knowledge wins over guesswork.

Try at Least One Fly Per Trip & Focus on the 3 Pillars of Fly Fishing
Location | Fly Selection | Presentation

If you really want to put this knowledge into action and become a better angler, then commit to using one or two of these flies each time you fish. There is at least two flies out of this list that are always viable if you have the right sizes and colors. Focus on the signals the river provides and come prepared with the right bugs and you’ll know when to use the top trout flies and what size and color with proficiency in no time.

With that said, don’t just blindly grab a few of these flies and try them and expect it to work automatically. You can’t throw a size #10 yellow parachute adams in the middle of spring and expect to find a lot of success. You have to have the right size and color matching with the season and what you are observing on the river. It’s ok if you don’t know that a small olive mayfly is a BWO, but if you know it’s a small olive mayfly that resembles a parachute adams in size #18 and this olive color I brought with me cause seasonally I knew this would be a possibility, now you’re ready to catch fish. Good fly selection is not a substitute for good presentation, but it does help. You first need a good spot with active fish on the river (good location) and then the right fly (good fly selection) and then a decent to good cast (presentation) to catch a fish. Missing any of those can mean you miss fish. This is why we spend our time on location, fly selection (this course) and presentation with all of our content, because those are the 3 pillars of fly fishing and without them all, it can be hard to catch fish.

Keep all this knowledge in mind, and even make a quick cheat sheet about the top 5 things you learned from this course. Send it over to me if you want as I’d love to read them and help answer any additional questions you have, and then take those 5 tips to the river and remind yourself of them throughout the day and you will improve with each and every outing.

Coupons and Freebies

Alright, we are always cautious to do this because we aren’t here to have you sign up for a course and then get sold on something else. We’re here to help and make sure you are set up to catch the most fish you can when you’re out on your fly fishing adventures and from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely care about that as our first priority. That’s why all of our content is so in depth and detailed, because we don’t want to leave anything out that may connect the dots and get you on more fish.

With all that said, we know a lot of you likely have some tying our buying to do now that you have learned more about the sizes and colors of each of these flies to have and you may be sold on a few patterns you’d like. We would like to give you a $10 off coupon for any flies in our store to help with the purchase if you choose to buy from us. We have assortments of flies, like our top trout flies (includes a good number of these flies in the top sizes and colors) that is a good option, or you can purchase individual patterns by the dozen on our site as well. Take a look at the options below and use the coupon code below, or the one provided to you in the confirmation email of this course.

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Additional Courses and Reading

We have some additional free and paid resources for you to check out if you’d like to continue learning more.  View all of our free premium content below:

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Now Go and Catch Some Fish!

Thanks so much for taking this course, we hope you found it incredibly useful and money well spent. Education is the number one return on your investment when it comes to catching more fish and getting the most out of every day on the water. A new rod, new flies and gear is fun to buy, but knowledge gained will never pass and will only grow and solidify areas of success for you as an angler. I can’t tell you how enjoyable it is to learn something new and then try it on the water and it works and changes the way I fish. Even after all my years of fishing and teaching, I still am learning new things and being able to share it with you guys is a dream job. Thanks for supporting me in my efforts and for being a part of our community.

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