Upper Frying Pan lower section offers a good practice ground for those searching for a place to hone their skills in. While the Frying Pan is known for it’s big fish and the crowds following them, most people fail to go above the reservoir to avoid the crowds. On this section, you can fish big boulders, meadow sections, pocket water, riffle sections, and many more. If you’re wanting a secluded day with productive fishing and beautiful views, this is your section of the Frying Pan. When approaching this section of river, keep an open mind about which techniques to use. A good technique to start with is a dry dropper, for example a stimulator or attractor dry on top followed by a copper john or any other trailing nymph pattern. If the dry fly fishing is good, switch the bottom nymph to another dry to increase your chances of catching a fish. If they aren’t taking a dry, a two-nymph rig should be suitable and remember to consistently change weight and indicator length to find the fish. As always, try to match the hatch when selecting fly patterns. If the fishing isn’t spot on the views will be. For the prime fishing seasons of Summer and Fall, the trees will be full bloom and eventually start to turn colors, switching the aspens from green to reds, yellows, and oranges. The views will be nothing short of spectacular and fishing tops them off for a great day on the water.