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Euro Nymphing Course

Catch More Fish Than You Thought Possible

Lifetime Access: $199

Fully Online | Self Paced | Lifetime Access

7 Lessons | 90+ Pages | 20 Videos | Pics | Diagrams & More


What You’ll Get In This Course

  • 7 Lessons that teach the entire euro nymph technique
  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate skill levels
  • Catch more fish than ever thought possible
  • Get unlimited access, take as many times as you want
  • Get three, 50% off coupons for our euro nymph assortments or other courses
  • Guaranteed to make you a better angler or your money back
  • Access through our app for offline reading

Lifetime Access: $199

Lesson 1

Length: 13 Pages + Videos

So fly_-51-min

The Benefits of Euro Nymphing

The first step in understanding a new technique is to learn why it is so effective, and why using a strike indicator is really hurting your ability to catch more fish.

We cover the 7 disadvantages of indicator nymphing and then describe why euro nymphing solves these so elegantly.  We lastly address common problems encountered while fishing and how euro nymphing turns them into advantages.

All Thing Euro Gear

In this lesson, we discuss the wide array of euro nymphing gear to help you understand what new gear you need, and the benefits that this gear brings. 

We also provide a priority checklist that helps you with the essential gear, and utilizing your existing gear.

Lesson 2

Length: 20 Pages + Videos

James Big Wood_-20-min

Lesson 3

Length: 10 Pages + Videos

So fly_-68-min

Learn the Top Euro Casting Techniques

Casting is remarkably different with euro nymphing.  We will be covering all the top 4 euro cast techniques as well as discuss the concepts behind the casts to help you make successful and accurate casts.  We include instructional videos on these top 4 casts to really help you learn these techniques.

The Drift

You cast for show, but you drift for dough…errr trout.

In this lesson, we provide written and video instruction as well as a ton of images to teach you the 3 essential drift techniques when euro nymphing.  With these techniques you will have complete control over your nymphs in the river allowing you to catch even more fish than you ever thought possible. 

Lesson 4

Length: 17 Pages + Videos


Lesson 5

Length: 10 Pages + Videos

James Big Wood_-32-min

Hacking the Learning Curve

Lessons 1 – 4 teach you what you need to know, but lesson 5 simplifies and streamlines the process allowing you to learn faster.  We discuss the most common struggles with euro nymphing and show you how to resolve them


While we could do an entire course along on this topic (oh wait we did), we go over all the top patterns and their composition to understand why flies are so effective. 

We’ll also cover what to do when you’re not catching fish and strategic adjustments throughout the day based on euro nymph knowledge.

Lesson 6

Length: 18 Pages + Videos

Lower Lost Shoot 2-2-min

Lesson 7

Length: Ongoing Pages + Videos

Image 3

Ongoing Tips and Tricks Section

This technique is always progressing, so we dedicated an entire lesson on tips and tricks to improve.  This will get updated all the time with additional questions answered and tips provided.   Check back often on here and ask questions to get them answered and added to this lesson

What’s Holding You Back?

This course will teach you the most effective way to catch trout that has ever been invented. We are genuinely excited to teach you this amazing new skill and look forward to having you in our community!