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Learn the Secret
To Modern Nymphing Flies

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Modern Nymphing Flies Course

  • Learn the secrets behind why modern (euro) nymphs are so productive
  • Learn to tie the top 10 modern nymphs
  • 4 lessons including pictures – diagrams – tying videos
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  • Get 50% off 1 of our other fly fishing courses
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Lifetime Access: $59.99

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Lesson 1

The Secret Behind the Success of Modern Nymphs

Modern nymphs (aka, euro nymphs, aka jig-style nymphs) dominate the fly boxes of the competitive angling community, and for good reason.  In the first lesson, we discuss the key characteristics of modern nymphs and help you understand what makes them so effective and why they deserve a spot in your box.

Lesson 2

Tying Techniques on Modern Nymphs

In the second lesson, we dive into some key techniques and strategies on tying your own modern nymphs.  From keying in on the right weight to use for each pattern, to hotspots, and epoxies, we cover all the details you’ll need to tie superior patterns that catch a lot of trout.

Lesson 3

Crafting the Perfect Modern Nymph Box

After the first 2 lessons, you’ll know what makes a good modern nymph, and the techniques to tie them.  The 3rd lesson focuses on how to craft the perfect box to be prepared for any situation, any season and any river. 

Lesson 4

The Top 10 Modern Nymphs

In the final lesson, we list the top 10 modern nymphs we use in our boxes and provide tying instructions (videos), recipes and pictures so you can tie up your own, or use the suggestions to create your own variations.  If you don’t tie your own flies, you can enjoy this tutorial and then purchase our assortment at a course-only-discounted price.