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Learn the Right Flies to Put
In Your Fly Box For Any Occassion

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Craft Your Fly Box Course

All your fly selection skills are worthless if you don’t have the right flies in your box when it counts. Learn the fly by fly, perfect boxes to have for any occasion on the water.


140+ Pages with detailed lessons to teach you what flies you should have in your box and what insects they imitate.

  • Get fly by fly Steps to create the top fly boxes for every occasion
  • Master the strategic approach experts use to create the perfect box
  • Learn about insect life cycles, seasonality, and planning for different bodies of water
  • Learn the names of the most popular flies and the insects they imitate.

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Lifetime Access: $99.99

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Course Outline

Introduction | 4 Lessons | Conclusion


In the introduction we explain the unique importance around this highly overlooked skill set for fly fishing.  We discuss all the components that are available in the course as well as the coupon codes and freebies available in the course.

Lesson 1

In this lesson, we discuss all the options, pros and cons available to purchase a fly box.  Learn which fly boxes work best for certain situations so you can have the best boxes for you flies.

Lesson 2

In lesson two, we discuss all the different methods available when organizing your fly box.  We go over the framework you need to learn in order to correctly craft your fly box with the right flies for the right situations using the right hierarchy of decisions. 

Lesson 3

Now that you’ve learned all the methods and options available in lesson 2, we now go over our recommended process in lesson 3.  We also go over a large amount of entomology information here teaching the 13 categories and 1-4 stages each insect goes through.  We also go over all major species of insects and hatch times so you know what insects you need for each season and can craft the perfect fly box that covers all of your bases.

Lesson 4

In lesson four, we go over every single fly box we use and break down every fly pattern, size, color and quantity in each of those boxes so you have a super in-depth set of examples.  We also include some excel spreadsheets to create your own fly box lists and get organized as you craft your fly boxes. 


In the conclusion, we go over a four step process to create any fly box now that you’ve learned the framework, methods and seen our examples.  We also discuss a few important concepts and ideas that really connect this knowledge back into a strategy that helps you catch the most fish possible every time you’re on the water.  

Lifetime Access: $99.99

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