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The Best Thing Since Articulated Streamers

  • We have created an list of over 120 rivers and are adding more all the time.  Once logged in, you can use a set of filters to narrow down the results to the rivers you want to explore.  Then once you found the river to explore, you can click on it and get all the info to help plan your trip successfully.

    The content was built by fly fishermen, for fly fishermen.  You can sort fish species, geo-location, fish sizes, fish counts, popularity, ease of access, difficulty and even if places are dog friendly so you can bring your best fishing buddy.  We’ve covered it all and made it easy for you to use.

  • You can access the content from any phone (android, windows or iphone), tablet or computer with internet or data connection.  The membership is 100% cross-platform and is built to be easy to use and intuitive on smart phones, tablets and computers.  You can add it to your home screen using the steps below:

    How to Get it As an “App” on Your Phone

    Iphone users can follow these steps:

    1. Open your browser on your phone (safari) and navigate to the River Explorer and log in
    2. Once logged in, go to the Explorer Page
    3. Once you’re on the explorer page, select the icon shown below on the browser window and then select the option to “add to homescreen”

    Name it “River Explorer” and now you have the River Explorer as an App on your phone!

    Android users can follow these steps: 

    1. Open your browser on your phone (safari) and navigate to the River Explorer and log in
    2. Once logged in, go to the Explorer Page
    3. Tap the menu button and tap Add to homescreen. You’ll be able to enter a name for the river explorer then Chrome will add it to your home screen.
  • We offer a free version of the river explorer, all you have to input is your email and you’ll get access to the free version of the river explorer which includes 125+ of Colorado’s best rivers.  Click the try for free buttons on the page to get access.

  • The distance filter is one of the most useful filters and is only available for pro or premium members.  This filter autocompletes if you type in a destination, or using the geo-location button, you can have it find your current location.  The drop down below sets the radius in miles from the location you entered.  This is a perfect tool if you’re travelling to an area and want to see what rivers are available that meet your criteria.  For example, searching the town of Gunnison within 50 miles yields many great results.

  • If you really like your search results and would like to save them, the filters are saved in the URL and all you have to do is Bookmark them and name them something that you will remember so you can access them at a later date.  You’ll have to be logged in and have an active subscription in order to view them.

  • The streamflows are updated every 15 minutes for each river and section so they are always up to date.  For detailed streamflows, you can click on the river and scroll to the bottom and select the detailed streamflows link to search different date ranges and graphs.

  • We hear this from some of our fellow Colorado Natives and in short we don’t believe it will.  

    The rivers will get more crowded when more people start fishing, since this app isn’t introducing the sport, only helping others find rivers, we believe it will actually spread out the crowds more evenly.  If you have 50 options to fish, you’ll fish the same spot less often.  As everyone does this, we’ll all be spending more time on different rivers and the crowded rivers will become less and the less crowded will be slightly more.  Overall it will balance out. 

    There is so much water to fish in Colorado even now with all the people we have and anglers, that even on 4th of July and Labor day weekend, you can avoid the crowds if you know where to look.  For River Explorer members, you now know where to look 🙂 

Perfect for Beginners
Colorado Natives & Traveling Anglers

The river explorer is perfect for beginners looking to find new waters, or the native who has always wanted to find new waters, but didn’t know where to start.  We’re even great for the traveling angler looking to make the most of their vacation time.

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Everything to Plan Your Next Adventure

We provide all the info you need to decide your next adventure.

  • Real-Time River Ratings, Weather Reports and Streamflows
  • Topo & Satellite Access Maps
  • Hatch, Size & Color Charts for Easy Fly Selection
  • Excellent resources and tips to help you catch more fish on the water.

You don’t have to spend hours searching mediocre sites, going through the same list of rivers, only to find the same spots everyone already knows.  The river explorer allows you to quickly set your preferences and get a set of rivers to easily choose your next destination.

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15 Years of Exploring to Bring You This

We spent the last 15 years exploring, photographing and documenting the rivers of Colorado so you can make the most of your time and find the perfect adventure.
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