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The Fly Explorer is a complete resource on tying information that offers a large library of filterable recipes based on the criteria that we use to tie flies.  Filter by Tying difficulty, seasons, insect orders, stages and species, and more to find the right patterns for your tying session.  We offer comprehensive information on each pattern like recipes, material substitutions, tying tips, proportions and entomology info to help you become a better tyer and catch more fish with the flies you tie.

$10/month or
$29.99/year (75% Off Annual)

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Learn About Our Complete
Resource on Fly Tying

We’re so much more than just tying videos

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of free videos out online, but that’s not what you’re paying for.  We provide loads more information beyond the tying videos to help you fully understand the flies you tie.  Here’s just some of the info we do beyond videos:

  • Teaching You to Match The Flies in Your Box to the Insects You See

    If you are on the river and you experience a caddis hatch, do you know what flies in your box can imitate a caddis?  We list all the insect and stages that the fly pattern imitates so you can learn and memorize this info for when you’re on the river.  That way, the next time blue wing olive emergers are coming off, you’ll know what flies in your box will actually catch fish.

    • Insect Stages (Nymph, Emerger, Dry, Spinner etc)
    • Insect Order (Categories)  – Caddis, Stoneflies, Mayflies, Midges, Scuds, Sowbugs, and all 13 major categories of insects
    • Insect Species:  Any insect species that the fly pattern imitates is listed in our seasonal insect info section where we list the colors, sizes, hatch seasons and stages of the insect so you know what to tie. 
  • Knowing when you can have the best success with a pattern and what fish species you can target, help you figure out when to stock it up in your box.  We provide a list of the best seasons to throw the fly and all the major fish species it could catch.  

  • It sucks to find a sweet pattern, get the materials and get all settled in to tie the pattern only to find out it is way freaking harder than it looks.  All flies require a little practice when they are new patterns for you, but knowing what you’re getting into is very helpful.

    We list each pattern as:

    • Difficulty:  Easy, Medium, Hard
    • Tying Time:  1-3 Minutes, 3-5 Minutes, 5-7 Minutes etc

    This helps you gauge if you are able to tie the fly with your skill level and how long it will take you after you get the patterns basics down.

  • What makes a golden biot stonefly different than a pats rubberleg stonefly?  We describe the benefits of each pattern based on the materials properties so you can understand why it works and what the materials do for the fly for pros and cons.  This will make you a better tyer as you learn the properties of materials and their benefits and drawbacks.

  • Tying recipes are critical to planning out materials and getting set up to tie the pattern.  We provide detailed material lists in the most helpful way possible, so you can get the materials ready before you watch the video.

    One unique thing that we do that others don’t tell you to tie with a Tiemco 100 dry fly hook because there are many substitutions for hooks, and what matters the most is the weight and profile of the hook.  Instead of saying Tiemco 100 dry fly, we’ll say a down eye, straight shank, dry fly hook (1x Fine) is recommended.  Now you can look at your hooks and find something that matches that as close as possible and put it on your vise.  

    This is just one example of the thought we put into the fly explorer.  This service is made by fly tyers, for fly tyers and we know what sucks and what is awesome to have when you’re tying flies at the bench.

  • We provides some tips based on experience to help you tie faster.  We often include them in the videos and show you some tips and tricks to tie patterns faster.  Examples include:

    • Tips for creating the best proportions on a fly
    • How to tie in tricky materials with ease
    • How to increase the durability of the pattern


  • When a recipe calls for a Gamakatsu S10-25 and you only have Daiichi hooks, what is a good equivalent?  We have put together a comprehensive list of hooks from the 6 largest hook manufacturers so you can easily search and find a hook that matches the recipe.  We even include the 9 hook properties on the list so you can understand why that hook was chosen over others.  

    We do this same thing for beads including all the fish skull and sculpin head beads so you can get the right beads for the hook sizes you want to tie.

  • If the pattern calls for australian possum dubbing and all you have is hares ear dubbing, will it work?  We provide a list of all substitutions based right off the tying recipe so you can easily understand if you have similar materials or need to buy something for the pattern.

  • We list all the known variation options for each pattern to help you tie more innovative flies.  Not only do we tie up as many variations as we can and post up pictures, but we allow for you to post up pictures of variations.  There’s dozens of ways to tie a pheasant tail, and other major patterns, and listing them as a variation helps increase your creativity and get your juices flowing to tie better, more innovative flies.  

$10/month or $29.99/year (75% off)

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An Easier Way to Find Patterns

Use Our Filters to help you choose the perfect fly for your tying session

Our fly tying filters allow you to customize your results better than google, youtube or any other fly tying site.   See all the filters we offer below and imagine the possibilities.

  • Match the right stage to the fly pattern and tie more intelligently filtering by nymphs, emergers, dries, spinners or streamers.

  • There are over 12 major insect categories and several baitfish and crustacean/invertebrates that are important to fish we target on the fly.  Use this filter to find the right food source to imitate. 

  • Find the fly patterns by easy, medium and hard difficulty to make sure you tie patterns you can actually make look good.

  • Seasons are huge in fly fishing and matching patterns to the right season helps you stock your box correctly.  Use the filter to find the right patterns for whatever season you’re targeting.

  • If you’re looking for a color to match, use our color selector to find flies that work in that color range

  • Use this filter to focus on flies for rivers vs stillwater

  • Targeting a certain species? Find a good pattern for Carp, trout, bonefish, redfish and more. 

  • It sucks when you spend 30 minutes to tie a fly you thought would take 5.  Tie patterns based on the time it takes to tie them so you can set your productivity and output for the night.  This is an especially useful filter when you’re tying the night before a trip and need to budget your time.

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Our monthly recommendations will keep you motivated and engaged trying patterns that are curated to help you improve your tying skills and tie patterns that work.  

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