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  • Full access to entire library (including new releases)
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$10/month or
$29.99/year (75% Off Annual)

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An Easier Way to Find Patterns

Use Our Filters to help you choose the perfect fly for your tying session

Our fly tying filters allow you to customize your results better than google, youtube or any other fly tying site.   See all the filters we offer below and imagine the possibilities.

  • Match the right stage to the fly pattern and tie more intelligently filtering by nymphs, emergers, dries, spinners or streamers.

  • There are over 12 major insect categories and several baitfish and crustacean/invertebrates that are important to fish we target on the fly.  Use this filter to find the right food source to imitate. 

  • Find the fly patterns by easy, medium and hard difficulty to make sure you tie patterns you can actually make look good.

  • Seasons are huge in fly fishing and matching patterns to the right season helps you stock your box correctly.  Use the filter to find the right patterns for whatever season you’re targeting.

  • If you’re looking for a color to match, use our color selector to find flies that work in that color range

  • Use this filter to focus on flies for rivers vs stillwater

  • Targeting a certain species? Find a good pattern for Carp, trout, bonefish, redfish and more. 

  • It sucks when you spend 30 minutes to tie a fly you thought would take 5.  Tie patterns based on the time it takes to tie them so you can set your productivity and output for the night.  This is an especially useful filter when you’re tying the night before a trip and need to budget your time.

An Easier Way to Watch Videos

Premium Tying Videos for All Skill Levels

Our videos are top quality shot with HD macro video lenses to show details for every step and are made by fly tyers, for fly tyers.  We include timelapse videos at the beginning of the recipe so advanced tyers can get what they need quickly, and then we slow it down step by step to show exactly what we did for newer tyers just learning the pattern.

We Here is an example video to show the quality and detail.

Whats Included on Each Page

  • Pictures of the Fly: Different colors, angles or the insect the fly imitates is posted as pictures on the page to give you further creative abilities to tie and variate off the pattern shown.
  • Material Lists: A tying recipe is written out showing our recommendation for materials to use for the specific pattern.
  • Tips and Details: A description of the pattern and why it works is provided as well as some helpful tips for fishing the pattern.

What’s Included on Each Video?

  • Quality Video & Audio: No more blurry, messy sound tying videos. We provide 1080p macro angle videos and crisp audio narrated by the soothing voice of Allen Gardner
  • Step by Step Instructions: We provide a regular speed version that you can start and stop and follow along including each and every step so you never get lost.
  • Timelapse Speed: For advanced tyers, a quick timelapse of the pattern is all you need to get the gist and start tying. We provide a timelapse up front at the beginning of the video so you can maximize your time and keep tying.
  • No Music:  Nearly everyone ties to music, so instead of putting music in our videos, we let you choose your own soundtrack and just stick to the audio instructions.

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An Easier Way to Find New Patterns

Get Inspired with tying recommendations delivered to Your Inbox Each Week

It can be hard to just sit down at the vice and pick a pattern.  Often times we get stuck just getting started.  Our weekly recommendations will keep you motivated and engaged trying patterns that are curated to help you improve your tying skills and tie patterns that work.  

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An Easier Way to Learn Patterns

Learn your patterns and the bugs they imitate

What good is a Neverbug if you don’t know what it imitates or when to use it? We explain the insects they imitate, the stages of those insects and more to help you understand what you just tied and how to best fish it.

  • Insect Stages of the Pattern
  • Insect Types the Pattern Imitates
  • Best Seasons to Fish the Pattern
  • Imitation Category to Understand the Profile
  • Best Colors for the Pattern 
  • The Fish This Pattern Will Catch
  • The Types of Water the Pattern is Best Fished
  • Tips on Fishing The Pattern

$10/month or $29.99/year (75% off)

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