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Learn the Top Flies
That Catch More Fish

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111 Pages | 100+ Fly Images | Seasonal Fly Charts


Top Trout Flies Course

13 Lessons | 100+ Pages
Seasonal Fly Charts

  • Master the top 10 trout flies
  • Always have the right fly
  • Assemble the perfect fly box
  • Catch fish faster

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  • $10 coupon for free flies
  • FREE Fly Fishing Basics Lesson
  • A PDF of the course for offline viewing (on request)
  • FREE Access to our fly selection mastery series
  • 50% Off our Online Entomology Course

Lifetime Access:  $99.99

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All 10 Fly Lessons Include

  • The history of the fly
  • The secret to why the fly is so productive
  • A diagram showing the best sizes and colors for each season
  • The entomology behind each fly (order, species, size & color)
  • How to modify the the fly for each insect it imitates
  • Tips to know when to fish the fly on the water
  • Tips on how to fish they fly for the most success
  • Common modifications and tying variations with pictures

Lifetime Access: $99.99

Get Lifetime Access