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Learn What Flies to Use
And Fish With Confidence

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Fully Online | Self Paced | Lifetime Access

100+ Pages | Video Shorts | Pics | Diagrams | and More

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Students Are Learning To use the Right Flies

Online Entomology Course

  • Learn all 23 bugs types and stages that trout eat
  • Learn the right flies to use any time of the year
  • Eight easy to follow lessons to master the knowledge
  • Catch more fish with confidence
  • Get unlimited access, take as many times as you want
  • Get three, 50% off coupons for anything sitewide
  • Get a FREE bug seine to catch insects
  • Get a downloadable PDF for print or offline reading
  • Useful for anyone who fishes for trout (worldwide)
Regular Price: $199.99
TU Member Only Price: $49.00 (75% Off)
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Everything You Need to Learn Your Bugs & Catch More Fish

Click on the lessons below to view the content and lengths. While primarily a photo and content based course, each lesson has an intro video with real examples to help identify the insects visually.

8 Lessons | Length 109 Pages | Videos 16m 30sec

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Proof That The Course Works

These are fish caught by students of the course. Most of the fishermen say it helps them catch twice as many fish as they were catching before.

Become a Fly Selection Artisan

While most can’t even identify these bugs, those that can, still can’t match them to flies in their boxes well. Our course solves the problem of fly selection and turns you into an fly selection artisan.

What Is It Worth To You To Catch More Fish Every Time You Fly Fish?

Most spend hundreds on guides every time they go out, for a fraction of a single guide trip, you can catch more fish every time you hit the water. Start your journey to become a better angler below.

Regular Price: $199.99
Complete Course for Life: $49.00 (75% Off)

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