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Course Outline

  • Length: 7 pages | Video: 3m 14s

    In our introduction, we lay out the framework and tools needed to identify any insect, anywhere in the world, and match it to a fly in your box. We cover insect orders, stages, and insect behaviors. With this information, the rest of the course flows together perfectly and makes it easy to retain the knowledge when you’re on the river.

  • Length: 16 pages | Video: 1m 59s

    Midges are present in a river and lake system year round making them a key insect to understand and identify when you’re on the water. Learn how to identify a midge in all stages, match it to a fly in your box and catch more fish. Includes tips on how to fish each stage of midge insects

  • Length: 19 Pages | Video 1m 12s

    Mayflies are the most diverse insect a fly fisherman needs to identify and understand. Learn the stages, flies to use, how to fish those flies and common hatches, colors and sizes to watch out for in the river and lakes around the world.

    In addition, since mayflies are so prevelant, we address all the common species like Baetis, PMD, Callibaetis, Tricos, Hex, Isonychia, Green Drakes, March Browns, Hendricksons, Cahills, and even the famous Adams (FYI, no such mayfly as an adams, if you didn’t know that, you probably need this course.)

  • Length 12 Pages | Video 1m 25s

    Caddis are an exciting and highly important insect to trout. Learn what stages hold the most importance to trout and how to match them to flies in your box. We also provide some critical tips to improve your presentation on the river.

  • Length 22 Pages | Video 3m 11sec

    We cover the most exciting bugs to fish in this lesson – stoneflies and terrestrials. Though not alike in many ways, they are fun to fish and are known for producing great summer fishing. Learn about the elusive stonefly and the coveted terrestrials including patterns and tips on how to fish them.

    We grouped stoneflies and terrestrials together only to keep length lessons similar. Stoneflies only have two stages and terrestrials only have one that we as anglers have to worry about, so it makes good sense to add them into one lesson. Otherwise, there is really no comparison between the two.

  • Length: 10 pages | Video: 1m 23s

    These insects are fully aquatic and don’t hatch, yet they hold a vital importance to a trout’s diet. Learn about the underworld life of scuds, sowbugs and annelids (worms) so you can catch more fish, especially on tailwaters.

  • Length: 19 Pages | Video 1m 12s

    Fly anglers who love fishing lakes need to pay special attention to this lesson. However, if you prefer rivers, you’d be surprised how many of these insects reside in your local waters and are important to trout throughout the seasons. Learn the insects, patterns and tips on fishing them in this lesson.

  • Length 12 Pages | Video 2m 32s

    In the final lesson, we address some easy tips and tricks to apply the knowledge, a larger framework for understanding how to catch fish anywhere, and anytime.  We also provide some epic resources you can print and keep with you that are easy identification guides and hatch charts for insects.