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Our Subscriptions Services

Our subscriptions are our two “explorer” memberships (River and Fly Explorer) and the Fly Fishing University and provide an excellent resource to anglers who want to know where to fish in Colorado and what fly to tie on any given occasion. Due to the nature of the content (that is is growing annually) we have set up a subscription service to access this ongoing content.

How to Sign Up – Pause and Cancel your Membership/Subscriptions

To sign up you can follow either of these links to pay weekly, monthly, every 6 months, annually, or a one time price for lifetime access.

How to Cancel

Cancelling is easy. Simply contact us here and reference the membership you wish to cancel. This will formally and completely cancel any future charges from the date you sent the email. If it takes us more than a day to get back to you, that day will NOT be charged. When you send us a cancellation, it’s cancelled, as easy as that.

If you do cancel, it can help to give us some feedback as to why you cancelled so we can improve for the future. thanks in advance.

Your subscription will automatically renew based on the term you sign up for. You will receive a completed renewal email once your card has been successfully charged.

If your payment fails, you will be notified and your subscription put on hold. You can contact us, but we will notify you with a link to allow you to fix your billing info and renew the subscription/membership.