About Us

We are a dedicated tribe of lifestyle fly fishermen who are trying to live the dream of bringing incredible fly fishing courses and flies right to your doorstep so you can catch a ton of fish and make every trip out on the river a memory.

How We Started

We started with nothing more than an idea to give people great info that has helped us catch more fish over the years. As we began to share our tips and resources, we found that a ton more people were interested in what we had to say and share. From that we grew our site into what we have today. Over 20,000 unique visitors per month (02-2016) and 10’s of thousands more in our email community and social media accounts. Without every one of you, we couldn’t make this amazing dream of living our passion and enriching your lives with what we learn a reality.

The Details

We are a locally run, Colorado based online fly shop and tutorial website for fly fishing across the entire US. We focus out courses around nationally applicable topics such as fly selection, fly fishing presentation, and destinations to fly fish in the US. We sell a ton of premium flies by the dozen too helping you save heaps on one of fly fishings most over-priced commodities.

Allen Gardner

Hometown: Denver, CO

Favorite Drink: Kraken & Coke

Would Rather Be: Dry Fly Fishing or Creating Amazing Beerdeas.


Obsessed with fly fishing and business and making the two work together. Father of a couple wonderful kids, husband to the hottest and most loving woman on earth, and is always thinking of new ways to innovate and make the world a more interesting place.

I created this company to be something unique and remarkable. I love advice, ideas and suggestions to further the vision of this business and make it something that changes the fly fishing industry for the better.

I’ve fished for over 15 years and been on the fly for over 10. Love hunting trout and carp on the fly and anything in saltwater that will eat what I throw.

I love a good laugh and not afraid to waddle down the bank of a river in a water master to get to the good fishing…