Arapahoe creek is a small creek that holds a bunch of small fish for the beginner angler to catch.  A good variety of water is available to fish and you can enjoy wide meandering streams, flooded lakes, pocket water and more high gradient freestone all in this little creek.  Most of the river requires a hike in order to access, but it’s a fun place to spend for a day and lots of water to explore.  Most of the fish are small in here, but are relatively easy to catch making it a great place for beginners or any angler just looking for a productive and enjoyable day.

Fly selection is easy here and just requires a little entomology knowledge while on the river to match the hatch and find the best bug.  Many patterns will work, so refer to our list below as a good starting point, but feel free to use any of your favorites that imitate the bugs for that time of year (also listed below).

It isn’t a terribly crowded place to fish as you have to pay to park as the only access and hike quite a bit.  I’ll bet there are sections of this river that don’t get fished in a year or more, so if you’re willing to hike and explore, you can find some secluded waters and eager, beautiful fish!