bear-creek-cold-spring-gulch-2-480x342Bear Creek is a small creek that begins up in the Mount Evans Wilderness and makes it’s way through Evergreen, CO, Kittredge, CO, Idledale, CO and Morrison, CO before entering into Bear Ponds and then into the South Platte River down in town near Englewood. As it moves downstream, Kerr Gulch, Cold Spring Gulch and Saw Mill Gulch all add to it’s flow making it a sustainable river to fish from spring to fall.

Bear Creek is very accessible and perfect for day trips or weekend trips where you don’t want to fish the same water everyday. There isn’t any camping along the creek and it’s really something you drive to and return from every day. This is great for those who live along the front range and are looking for a quick day trip. 30 – 60 minutes of a drive and you can be slaying the baby brown trout all day long.

Characterized primarily as a canyon fishery with lots of pocket water, deep holes and fishy-looking runs, there are tons of trout in this river ranging from 6 inches up to 18 on rare occasions. Primarily a Brown Trout fishery for most of its waters, Bear Creek also holds a population of intermixed rainbows and as you get up high into Mount Evans Wilderness, tributaries and main channels hold some brook trout 12 inches and smaller.
bear-creek-joe-van-der-bosch-2-480x343You can expect to have good success on this river as fish are typically eager to eat and aren’t overly-educated or spooky of fisherman. If you’ve fished the Big Thompson, St. Vrain or Boulder Creek, this will be very similar and you can expect similar results. I’ve found that Bear creek offers slightly larger fish at times than some of these other waters and fishes more consistently than other front range rivers as well. Fish average between 10 – 14 inches on a good day, and you’ll always catch numerous 4-8 inch browns throughout your adventure.

Tip* Though Bear Creek fishes well consistently, it is fairly susceptible in the spring to fall to being muddied up by rain storms.  Pay attention to weather 24 hours before your adventure and if any rain substantial rain happened, it may be better to try another creek or river that didn’t get rain.  This is typical of nearly all front range creeks and rivers that don’t have tailwaters to clear up the waters.

Check out our information below on the fishable sections of the creek and select the other tabs above to view Current flows, weather, reports, top fly patterns by season and access points via google maps. We hope you enjoy our complete resource on fly fishing Bear Creek in Colorado.

Middle Section of Bear Creek

The Middle Section is everything from O’Fallon Park down to Lair Of the Bear.  This includes (listed from upstream down) O’Fallon Park, Corwina Park, Lair of the Bear.  There is also a fishable section right as you drive over the bridge of Cold Spring Gulch that fishes well but is small and backs into private property. (Which by the way is the Dunafon Castle used for events, but it has ponds with monstrous trout, not sure when I have a need for a wedding since I’m already married, but fishing there would be a lot of fun!)

Fly Fishing Lair of the Bear is likely the most popular section of Bear Creek.  Don’t be scared off by the hoard of cars in the parking lot, there a lot of day hikers, bikers, and day campers about and likely only 10-15% of those cars carry a fly or spin rod.  There are always fish to be caught in any of these sections and though parking can be an issue on the weekends, there is always some open water to fish.

My favorite section is O’Fallon Park.  It’s fishable up and down stream of the parking area and is the prettiest water on the creek in my opinion.  Fishing is about as good as anywhere else.  I’d recommend fishing in a variety of locations as it’s fun to try new waters and sections and it all seems to fish well most days.