The tailwater below Olympus Dam is loaded with fish.  For such a small section of river (only 1/2 mile or so) , it holds over 3500 fish per mile.  This section is doing the best it has in years even after the 2013 flood.  In addition, this is a tailwater which makes it fishable year round.

The trade off with this section of the Big Thompson is this:  You get to throw to a lot of fish, but they are tough, tailwater, college-educated trout and there are a lot of people on the water to share the river.  If you don’t mind crowds and enjoy a challenge to sight fishing for trout, this is an excellent place to visit.

It’s right in the town of Estes Park, so if you need a break, you just a quick drive from main street and some restaurants.  You can also fish the Big T in town if you’d like as well, though the tailwater holds bigger fish and more fish.