The Blue River tailwater is one of the most popular and well known fisheries in the state.  Only 1 hour from Denver and right in town next to the Silverthorne Outlet Mall, you can fish, shop, grab a beer and some chipotle all in the same day.  Fishable year round, the river is stocked with Rainbows, Cutbows and Browns.  Some of the biggest fish in the state are caught here each year since mysis shrimp come out of Dillion Reservoir and help the fish grow fast, pink and strong.

If catching a lot of fish and big fish close to town is what you want, you’ve got a great option here on this section of the Blue.  Since most want this experience, it is often quite crowded and the fish are as smart as any that you’ll catch in Colorado.  Finding out when the fish have recently been stocked will always make the fishing easier.  The longer they are in the river, the smarter they become.

Nymphing is the most popular way of catching fish, but during the right times of year you can catch them on dry flies with great success.  Trout can range from 6 inches to 26 inches and over 10 pounds and sight fishing is possible since the water is often crystal clear.

The best tips we can give on this section of river is to ditch the split shot and strike indicator.  Those fish get smart to seeing both split shot and strike indicators and will shut down and avoid you.  The good news is that they settle back in quickly since they are used to being spooked and will feed shortly after you spook them, so stay persistent and you’ll find yourself with a fish in your net.