The South Fork of Clear Creek is a small but fun stream to fish.  Accessible from Guanella pass, you can fish near the campgrounds as well as a few points on the way upstream.  The river is small so you don’t’ need anything above a 4 wt and a stealthy, drag free cast to find fish.  If a dead drift doesn’t work, try skating the fly, brook trout love a little movement on the fly.

Clear Creek in general is an excellent place for beginners both because of the number of fish you can catch and how accessible and close it is for everyone to access.  Parallel to I-70 from Georgetown to Idaho Springs, Clear creek has over 20 miles of fishable waters containing brown and rainbow trout.  There are some brook and cutthroat trout but the majority of fish are browns and rainbows.  Due to excessive mining, the insect life suffers causing the fish to get no larger than 15” in most places in this section.  Most fish will be in the 5” to 13” range.  What they lack in size, they make up for in number.  It’s not impossible to catch over 50 fish in a day on this section.  With a good presentation and a dry-dropper rig, you can slay fish after fish.  Pocket water makes up the majority of the river, but there are some notable pools and runs that can hold fish as well.  Don’t overlook any rock or holding water as they often contain a fish willing to attack your dry fly as soon as it hits the water.