The Town Section of Clear Creek is a good place to fish with the family, or get away for an hour or two when you’re short on time but gotta catch some fish.  It sees a fair bit of pressure from a variety of anglers, but any angler who can make a drag free drift with some flies that are close enough to the hatch should be able to find some trout.

Nearly all rainbows and browns ranging from 4 – 14 inches, the town section holds quite a few fish and during the spring and fall months when other recreational activity is lower on the creek, you can have some pretty good days.  Even early winter on mild years can stay open providing a quick get away and time on the water.

When possible, fish a dry dropper set up and make sure to fish all the likely areas.  You won’t need many drifts in the same spot to find trout or not, so make 1-2 good casts to each line or pocket and if nothing comes, move up a few feet and try the next spot.  The angler who sits in the big holes and just makes the same cast all day won’t find many fish in this creek.  Cover some water, and hunt every spot for the hungry trout willing to take your fly.

If you have to fish in summer, be wary of water temps getting too high (above 66) during the hot summer days and stop fishing before 2pm.  Usually at this time anyway the fishing gets tough as the tube hatch is going strong and between the waders, dogs running into the water and tubers and kayakers, there is little room to cast in peace.  Early in the am and late in the evening is best.  Overcast days anytime of the year can produce some strong hatches and fun fishing for small trout near town.

Take a look at the river on days where time is short or if you’re taking your kids or family out with you as there are plenty of parks, ice cream shops and restaurants nearby to keep everyone happy.