The West Fork of Clear Creek is a cool experience and adventure to have for a half to full day of fishing.  While there aren’t as many or as big of fish on the West fork, you can often avoid the crowds and the river itself has a lot of diversity and unique opportunities.  Deep canyon areas, meadows and freestone pocket water with clear water flowing through it all.  You can catch brook, browns and rainbows in this section of clear creek and if you’re on your way to or from Winter park along Hwy 40, it’s a fun spot to stop and explore for a couple hours.

A variety of dries will work and the fish have never proven to be difficult to catch.  However, the fish are spotty and can be hard to find.  Some days I can go up and get into a couple dozen, other days it seems there isn’t a fish in the river.  They seem to be migrant or spotty and if you aren’t finding fish, mix up the locations a bit and try to find different looking water.  It all is very “fishy water” so it all looks good, but until you find fish, you will want to keep moving.

For the adventurous who is wanting solitude, check out the west fork and enjoy the river for what it provides.