The clear fork of east muddy creek is a tiny little stream I found nearly a decade ago.  Full of brook trout, this was one of the places that made me want to keep exploring and lit a fire in me to fish as many places in Colorado as possible.  If a muddy little no name creek could hold this many brook trout, it makes anything seem possible and any body of water worth exploring.

Though it’s name is the clear fork, it can easily become muddy after the rains.  Dark and high-vis patterns and streamers will work well in those times, otherwise a skated dry fly will get those brook trout moving.  I don’t know why but a skated dry fly always catches me more brook trout than a still dead-drift.  They like the movement.  Fishing downstream so the current can slowly skate the fly is a great option.  Hike upstream as far as you can, then fish back downstream.

Just about any fly will work here, or at least did for me when I went.  It was a 40 fish day easy and that was with my wife spraining her ankle mid day and me having to call it quits to attend to her.  (note to self, don’t jump off the banks into the river off a 6ft ledge, you can actually roll your ankle, crazy right?)

There are camping spots around the area that are unimproved/dispersed areas but no other facilities.  It’s out in the bush, but if that’s your type of thing, you’re gonna love this place.