Miles of river with some excellent access and great trout await you when you fish the upper section of the Colorado.  The upper section is defined from below shadow mountain reservoir down to Kremmling.  There are several access points off the hwy including some gold medal water.  Brown trout are the most plentiful in the upper section, but there are a lot of rainbow trout as well.  It varies each year, but the size of the fish often is around 13” – 17”.  This makes it a great place to learn how to catch larger fish who will put up a fight on a fly rod.

The upper section of the Colorado has always been hit or miss from my experience. When the fishing is good, and you figure out their pattern, it’s downright incredible.  Other times you wonder if the fish have been magically transported out of the river.  This kind of experience is tell tale behavior that the fish are patterned and prefer very specific routines.  With a little fly selection knowledge from an entomology course, and a good drift, you can catch some nice fish consistently on the many access points on this river