Embargo creek is one of the many small creeks around and draining into the Rio Grande River and South Fork Area. It’s a fun and picturesque river with plenty of fishing opportunities to small and wild rainbow and brown trout. Fishing can be a challenge even though it receives little pressure. There aren’t too many fish in the river in compared to other small streams nearby, but it is a beautiful place to camp and enjoy for a day or two and if the Rio Grande is blown out during run off this can be a good place to escape and succeed.

Standard dries and nymphs that are already in your box should work well. No need to get too fancy, fish are willing to eat with you find them, but don’t spend too long in one place. Cover as much ground as you can in order to find the most fish. Enjoy the pics below as well as the other information as we hope it helps you plan a good trip out to Embargo creek and the surrounding area.