The headwaters of the famous frying pan river are some of the most enjoyable places to fish and explore in Colorado.  Packed full of a variety of willing trout that will rise to dry flies and readily take nymphs, the upper section holds some excellent waters to build confidence and learn the sport of fly fishing.

One of the most famous rivers in Colorado, the Frying Pan holds a ton of fish, many of them trophy sized.  From the famous “toilet-bowl” hole that sits directly below the outflow of the dam to the reaches downstream there are a ton of fish to be caught in this river.  The stretches above Reudi reservoir offer less pressured fishing, but smaller and fewer fish exist.  For those who prefer solitude over big fish and crowds, this is a great option.

The Upper stretches of the frying pan begin just before the north fork enters the south fork to make the main river.  Below this is the lower section of the upper section if that makes sense :).  The upper section, primarily the forks, fish distinctly different than the main river above reudi reservoir.  These forks are smaller streams and trout seem more willing to eat dry flies, nymphs and streamers when enticed with a decent drift and presentation on the water.  The upper headwaters holds meadows, canyons, and pine forests that carry the river down to the confluence of the roaring fork.  A variety of simple dry flies and nymphs will take fish on this section and though the fish are smaller than the tailwater section, they are much easier to catch and provide a good place to build confidence or work with beginners.