One of the most famous rivers in Colorado, the Frying Pan holds a ton of fish, many of them trophy sized.  From the famous “toilet-bowl” hole that sits directly below the outflow of the dam to the reaches downstream there are a ton of fish to be caught in this river.  The stretches above Reudi reservoir offer less pressured fishing, but smaller and fewer fish exist.  For those who prefer solitude over big fish and crowds, this is a great option.

The tailwater section is famous for a reason and is a mix of private and public water.  It’s easily marked and you can find plenty of places to fish, though it can get crowded.  Excellent hatches year round are found on this river.  Midges, BWO, Caddis, Stones, Green Drakes, PMD, Pseudos and more make for one of the best dry fly tailwaters in the state.  Year round dry fly fishing is possible on this river with midges and BWO in the winter.

You’ll need to bring your “A” game to fish this river with success.  These trout are college-educated and know what a hook looks like.  Smaller tippet and longer casts will help put fish to net.  Don’t line the fish by casting over them and be as stealthy as possible and you’ll find some eager trout.