Lake Creek of the Arkansas River above Twin Lakes Reservoir is an often overlooked fishery that offers many small brook trout. The Creek follows Highway 82 from Twin Lakes Reservoir up to the base of Independence Pass. From the inlet at the reservoir to the trail head for La Plata peak; Lake Creek has a milky-white tinge to it from a mineral source along the drainage and doesn’t support much in the way of insect life, therefore very few fish reside there. Above the trail head however is a different story entirely. Many small brook trout can be found in the undercut banks,  runs, flats, and beaver ponds that Lake Creek offers.

With just over two miles of water to be fished, there is plenty of cover to keep you entertained for a fun day of fishing. a soft footed approach and a good first drift are the most important factors to catching the wild brook trout that call the clear shallow waters of lake creek home. This small stream is best fished with an attractor dry fly or dry-dropper set up.