Lottis Creek is an excellent day or 3-day trip for the high elevation, mountain stream enthusiast! The top prize of Lottis Creek are her gorgeous cutthroats that reside in the upper reaches of the stream. Hiking is required to access the better stretches of the creek as road access is limited. Anglers can fish the main stretch of Lottis Creek up to the confluence of Lottis Creek and South Lottis Creek; here anglers can then choose to stay on the trailhead alongside South Lottis Creek, or diverge and fish up the Lottis Creek fork. The South Lottis Creek Trailhead runs along South Lottis Creek until it reaches Henry Lake (10,740′). While mostly a freestone stream, Henry Lake provides an outflow that adds a small amount of tailwater characteristics to Lottis Creek. Lottis Creek is your place to go for an intermediate, small-stream getaway in pursuit of West Slope Cutthroat!