Mill creek of Cebolla creek is a tiny little creek full of trout and is one of my favorite places  I’ve explored over the years.  It’s not much larger than 15 ft across at it’s widest spots and it just doesn’t seem to be a substantial enough river to hold trout, especially in these numbers.  I think when I’m surprised by the productivity of a river, it leaves a mark in my memories and stands out.

Granted, this river really isn’t any different of a fishing experience than any small creek you get in Colorado or the front range, but it’s a long drive to access and often, things that you work harder for are more enjoyable.  This creek flows into Cebolla creek which is also an excellent fishery and this area is a great time for camping and relative solitude.  Nestled back in the center of Colorado away from most major areas, it doesn’t see a lot of pressure and the fish are eager to eat when the flows are good.

I saw just about every kind of insect that trout eat flying around and under rocks when I seined.  This river is healthy which is likely why there are so many trout.  I just used dry flies when I was there, but a dry dropper is a good idea.  There are a couple small ponds that are fun to fish too and great for the kids as I believe they are stocked with rainbows.  (the rainbows in here were being caught every cast which often indicates stocked trout)

Access isn’t very difficult but it’s a bit hard to bushwack through the foliage so be prepared for that.  A small rod 3wt or under and 8′ 6” or under is preferred on a stream like this but any rod will work.  If you’re going to this area, explore every inch of water, I have yet to find water that doesn’t have a trout in it.  I think they call that paradise?