The North Platte gets all its recognition in Wyoming, however, the upper section in North Park around Walden is noteworthy.  Large numbers of brown and rainbow trout live here and while primarily a brown trout fishery, a variety of trout can be caught.  The North Platte has incredible bug life and as an entomologist for fly fishing purposes, this river is special and fun to find insects on and match the hatch.  Stones, drakes, PMD, tricos and more all have a play in this river.  Dry dropper or 2 nymph rig set ups are the best option here.  Morning and evening can make some good streamer fishing so keep some with you while you fish.

Insects can be terrible up here so dress in long sleeves and pants and bring some good bug spray.  Fish won’t give up to the net easily and a good cast will help you hook plenty of fish.  This river gets overlooked far too often for better water downstream, but there is great fishing to be had on this Colorado drainage.

Northgate canyon can be accessed on foot (watch for rattle snakes) and can also be floated during the right time of year with the right flows.  It’s best wade fished later in the year as flows drop, but you can find fishable water anytime.