Poncha Creek is everything you could dream of for a small stream. This creek is littered with beaver ponds, meandering slow oxbow channels, runs, riffles, flats, and any other structure you could want. Many small browns, rainbows, and brook trout are eagerly waiting a fly. Smaller hopper-dropper rigs with crickets, ants, and beetles are very effective, but one of my favorite ways to fish this river is with a small bead head wooly bugger. Slow twitching the fly through deep beaver ponds or under a cut bank  is a very fun way to spend an afternoon in solitude; It might also give you a surprisingly large fish or two. Poncha Creek follows Highway 285 south through Poncha Springs until deviating away along county road 200 until you eventually hit Forrest service road 203. all along this route there are multiple spots to park and fish.

An added bonus is the proximity to O’haver Lake, a stocked Rainbow and Cutbow lake that makes for a great confidence builder before you head to the creek. There are also facilities to accommodate camping (not to mention bathrooms) if you wish to make a weekend stay out of it.