Red Creek is a really great place to advance your skillset as an angler. What the stream lacks in quantity, it makes up for in beauty. The Brown Trout in Red Creek aren’t especially prolific, but likely haven’t seen many flies and are beautiful fish. Away from the pressures of the larger creeks in the area, Red Creek can offer a good getaway spot for the adventurous angler looking to advance their skillset. Anglers should beware of the many thorny bushes that line the banks and should not grab plants without looking first. If you can catch fish in Red Creek, you can catch fish in the majority of rivers across the US. Red Creek is an excellent choice to pair with the lower reaches of the Upper Gunnison River without detouring from the route at all. The Gunnison will provide much better action for half the day while Red Creek will truly craft you into a better angler during the other half.